Ep. 20: The Inca Court

In this episode we discuss the make-up of the Inca administration in and around the Cuzco area.  Of course at the top we have the Sapa Inca, son of the Sun and a divine ruler.  But who were the other key players in the government?  Well, you had the Colla, the panaca or royal ayllus, the high priest and the Inca of Privilege of course.  So who were these people and what were their roles?  Click the play button to find out.

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Intro music by: Kalx aka Kaliran: Andean Lounge, Scream of the Devil

Transition music by: Kike Pinto

Inca Governor in a litter. Picture by Louis S. Glanzman
From: The Incas
By: Terrance D’Altroy

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