Ep. 17: El Panteón Inca

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1bkz8mKXICGaDsIXsdDRLC?si=j5sh4qKQQgSDl3TkbwJCrQ&dl_branch=1 Hoy nos adentramos en el mundo de la religión Inca. Ya hemos tocado el tema antes, pero es importante comprender el amplio alcance de la religión, ya que desempeñó un papel clave no solo en la administración, sino en la vida cotidiana de la gente. Hablaremos de los dioses, las huacas y los sacrificios … Continue reading Ep. 17: El Panteón Inca


Ep. 15: Sacsayhuamán

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5xAJ5r0QDL0hQzM6soXSTG?si=PVxPCYHaQ7atsZK70zDqjA&dl_branch=1 Dejamos atrás la narrativa para embarcarnos en la investigación de diferentes aspectos de la vida, el gobierno y la cultura Inca. Para empezar, miramos una de las maravillas del imperio Inca: Sacsayhuamán. Este edificio era un fuerte, un centro religioso y una instalación de almacenamiento. ¡También es la estructura megalítica más grande de América … Continue reading Ep. 15: Sacsayhuamán

Ep. 20: The Inca Court

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2Y6urjgUSuJD9GqC7be9lu?si=0qJZvguwTYyDyFf-du--pQ In this episode we discuss the make-up of the Inca administration in and around the Cuzco area.  Of course at the top we have the Sapa Inca, son of the Sun and a divine ruler.  But who were the other key players in the government?  Well, you had the Colla, the panaca or royal … Continue reading Ep. 20: The Inca Court

Ep. 19: He Who Overturns the Earth

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6NyG8gPNOe6sk8tG7ihMB6?si=vx_rxTSeRDqvvt6xGBnPEA Pachacuti has been Sapa Inca for quite some time.  He has expanded the state and has transformed the religion of the Inca.  Now it is time for him to disseminate laws to those he now governs. If you’d like to support the show monetarily please click the following link: https://www.patreon.com/incapodcast.  And thank you! Please … Continue reading Ep. 19: He Who Overturns the Earth

Ep. 18: Inti Raymi

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2RdGN0whSJZzJprJimv3yb?si=AVTmhnyTTRizMdB1NgMgQg Inti Raymi was the Celebration of the Sun!  A yearly festival that took place around the Winter Solstice.  Today, we’ll go through the ritual as explained to us by Cristobal de Molina.  By exploring this ritual and others in the future, you will gain a new appreciation for how thought out and involved these … Continue reading Ep. 18: Inti Raymi

Ep. 17: The Inca Pantheon

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6pBXkffNyz7yaONyhkcyBh?si=-tK3lup1R8as5Lppylyi1w Today we wade into the world of Inca religion.  We’ve touched on the subject before, but it is important to understand the broad scope of the religion as it played a key part of not only the administration, but the everyday lives of the people.  We’ll touch on the Gods, huacas, and the sacrifices … Continue reading Ep. 17: The Inca Pantheon

Ep. 16: The Coricancha

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5abwPMpGmlrTaJo46oR9Kq?si=g5fTR8pDT52sc6rB-JUR4w You may have heard of El Dorado, the mythical city made of gold.  Countless explorers have ventured out to look for it, many never returned.  At this point, with much of the world having been explored and mapped, we know, that El Dorado doesn’t exist...right?   What if I told you that it did … Continue reading Ep. 16: The Coricancha

Ep. 15: Sacsahuaman

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4ruuIlklQeRFjg9Z0Mz329?si=X2oKeTNYQPiL2_eqTwwZZQ We leave the narrative behind to embark on investigating different aspects of Inca life, rule and culture.  To begin, we look at one of the wonders of the Inca empire: Sacsayhuaman. This building was a fort, religious center and storage facility.  It is also the largest megalithic structure in North America! Who built it? … Continue reading Ep. 15: Sacsahuaman

Ep. 14: (Re)building Cuzco

https://open.spotify.com/episode/37wNAfN9rzpX8g9thEHz7f?si=zIfDc7SVTYi_qWFpse9BmA Pachacuti has returned from his campaigns.  He has brought several groups under Inca rule and numerous spoils to Cuzco.  But Cuzco, in Pachacuti’s eyes was inadequate. It sat in essentially a swamp, it’s buildings were of wood and it lacked the glory that Pachacuti knew it deserved.  Thus, he would rebuild the Navel of … Continue reading Ep. 14: (Re)building Cuzco

Ep. 13: Earth Shaker

Pachacuti the 9th Sapa Inca.Photo courtesy of: The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land https://open.spotify.com/episode/56ayQyl014TAWL6j7urLmf?si=fsmERk-xTKmnhp5jDlClwg Happy Birthday to us!  It has been exactly one year since our first episode!   Pachacuti is now Sapa Inca but he wonders just how stable his young empire is.  He seeks to bring his allies in line and firmly under … Continue reading Ep. 13: Earth Shaker