Ep. 54: Cooperación y Resistencia

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0lP4zWqRshqePkK6UphaEv?si=k3RrM8ziRIuqMB_N3Faf3A "Con una precisión mortal, un alero de Canas lanza piedras del tamaño de pelotas de golf. Los incas usaron tales armas en la conquista imperial y en la defensa contra los españoles." - The Lost History of the Incas En este episodio vemos cómo matar a Atahualpa no tuvo necesariamente el efecto deseado por … Continue reading Ep. 54: Cooperación y Resistencia


Ep. 63: Viceroy Toledo

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6naotNHGPDMPwqjTThXttT?si=DIGaOPqKQ_mRVEWTaUsLTQ Francisco de Toledo Up until now the Viceroy's of Peru had their hands full with Inca revolts as well as rebellions from fellow Spaniards. With much of that in the past, the Junta Major wanted someone who could implement the changes they desired. They would select Francisco de Toledo and the Andes would never … Continue reading Ep. 63: Viceroy Toledo

Ep. 62: The Diplomat

https://open.spotify.com/episode/68hJHcLXvTTn3KVsDJmiFJ?si=U5yBseUKS-WTwLSwNWYiFQ The Apurimac River - original from The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land. With Sayri Tupac leaving Vilcabamba, Titu Cusi Yupanqui steps into power. Meanwhile, the Spanish realizing the Inca they had coaxed out of the jungle has been replaced, once again pursue negotiations. At stake for the Inca: their existence. If you’d like … Continue reading Ep. 62: The Diplomat

Ep. 61: The Wrong Inca

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4zZC7TJDeHcRFPVk3DNHyA?si=M2vJ6rDqRQq15nEVarHBPA Sayri Tupac meets Cañete in Lima - original by Guaman Poma, colorized, cover of Voices of Vilcabamba. With Manco Inca murdered, the Inca in Vilcabamba recoil away from the Spanish. But they need a leader to step in. The heir apparent turns out to be less than ideal for them and the Spanish. If … Continue reading Ep. 61: The Wrong Inca

Ep. 60: A Tale of Two Brothers

https://open.spotify.com/episode/17l8NQfjNSQa7WUExGKRaK?si=LdQyi7JKSTCbB4Es7j_6pw "Manco Inca seated on an ushnu platform - by Guaman Poma, Monuments of the Inca After spending time looking at the Civil Wars we focus on the two Inca brothers in power,  Paullu in Cuzco and Manco Inca in Vilcabamba.  We take a look at how Paullu was able to navigate the fluid political … Continue reading Ep. 60: A Tale of Two Brothers

Ep. 59: The New Laws

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4dWUcQg2XSw9TMymiUTZIt?si=CldlZ-AoRuG3gt7pa99-WQ Baroque Church - Conquistadors The abuse and exploitation of the indigenous populations in the Americas did not go unnoticed. With the a Papal Bull issued, Charles V had to address the situation. The solution: The New Laws. While the laws were not welcomed in Spanish America nowhere did they stir up a more heated … Continue reading Ep. 59: The New Laws

Ep. 58: Chilenos & Pachacamos

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0XlNLV0LByMNl6rhj4jXbV?si=MJngGCrXR0yxWqprHmZcYQ "Pizarro's standard" - Conquistadors Our focus is pulled from the Inca to cover the break-up of Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro. The differences between the two conquistadors and partners were irreconcilable and the fallout would plunge the country into multiple civil wars. If you’d like to support the show monetarily please click the … Continue reading Ep. 58: Chilenos & Pachacamos

Ep. 57: Vilcabamba

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5EcZ9Vp2RmRcQFyLXbuje6?si=Qi29RV1aRGOGNcPqYUnGtA "The largest terraces of the site of the site are found on the northwest side of the Ushnu." Photograph by Brian S. Bauer and Miriam Aráoz Silva in Vilcabamba and the Archaeology of Inca Resistance " Map of Vilcabamba region. (map by Gabriel E. Cantarutti)" - Vilcabamba and the Archaeology of Inca Resistance "The … Continue reading Ep. 57: Vilcabamba

Ep. 56: The Siege of Cuzco

https://open.spotify.com/episode/4irfnWQ5UV4zvMkhUfmIv4?si=NW_A--1YS0-npJWIk2-Phg "Riding into a garage of stones, Spaniards and Indian allies with scaling ladders storm Sacsahuaman to retake it from the Incas. Juan Pizarro, bandaged and helmet less, died after a stone struck his head." - The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land The time has come for the Inca to throw off the Spanish … Continue reading Ep. 56: The Siege of Cuzco

Ep. 55: Under the Yoke

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3Asmmh5K0yOIg2Kn344AX0?si=_E9XOeRqRg-EijSoRlCDzw "A fanciful 18th-century colonial depiction of an Inca prince sporting a sun pendant, indicating his imperial status." - The Lost History of the Incas Manco Inca has welcomed the Spanish into Cuzco.  However, he soon finds himself under their thumb and begins to look for a way out. If you’d like to support the … Continue reading Ep. 55: Under the Yoke