Ep. 25: Inca Roads

Logistics can be often overlooked when one thinks of great armies or military feats.  However, getting an army from one place to another is sometimes a feat in itself.  Especially, when the army is in over pushing 100,000, marching through mountains in a land where the agricultural season was extremely unpredictable. 

However the Inca created one of the best road systems of any civilization in the world at that time.  Of course they adapted some roads from the Wari and other groups, but the Inca would create a road way and supply system that stretched from northern Chile to Quito.  It was their logistics as much as it was their numbers which would make Tupac Inca Yupanqui.  

“A bridge made of grass”: https://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-48628325

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Intro music by: Kalx aka Kaliran: Andean Lounge, Scream of the Devil

Transition music by: Kike Pinto

Portion of the Inca trail. From: The Lost History of the Incas
From: The Lost History of the Incas
From: The Incas
Construction of a grass-rope bridge. From: The Incas and Their Timeless Land
From: The Incas and Their Timeless Land
Women work on weaving the grass into ropes as large as a man’s arm to stretch over the river. From: The Incas and Their Timeless Land

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